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Ok, I think I was wrong about the 12-16″ of cob on the walls… it actually is a little more than that, it seems! Check it out:


Here’s the lovely 5’x4.5′ south plate glass, with work exchanger Adam proudly displaying the setup. I was nervous about sticking that large a piece of glass on the cob, but the bracing is quite stable.


This door buck was constructed using reclaimed 2″x6″ lumber from a deck that was demolished.

This here is the exit for the rocket stove flue on the south side of the building, made using some chunks of concrete. It’s about 10″ wide, so the flue should have about 4″ of play. Eventually this gap will be cobbed in once the flue pipe is in.

Electricity! Well, I don’t plan on having a power system, but I figured I should at least add in a switch box and one outlet (plus one exterior outlet) just in case…

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  • wow, thank you so much for sharing your experience in this manner, it is invaluable. My husband and I are starting to build a cobhouse in the mexican desert, we are digging for the foundation now, very excited 🙂

  • Thanks for visiting, Linda! Good luck with your project. Yeea!

  • yeea is right! Question- which books on cob building did you find the most helpful? I would much appreciate this info!

  • I would highly recommend The Hand-Sculpted House. It was my number one go-to cob book.

    Ianto and co. are great folks to call with questions, too.

  • thanks!, will order now 🙂

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