First windows in cob wall

by ziggy on May 28, 2008 -- 0 comments -- Follow

The past several days (or week) have been busy, quite busy, in fact. I feel like I’m just now catching my breath. I missed taking photos for a few days for whatever reason, but I was sure to snap some today of the progress on my cob house, of which there has been much lately. There is an average of about a foot of cob all around the perimeter of the building, and the first window just went in this afternoon. We created a brace for a large glass plate, approximately five feet wide by four and half feet tall. This we stuck in the south wall (for purposes of passive solar.)

Over the weekend, we created a door buck and stuck it on the foundation, bracing it to be stable. Tomorrow, I expect we’ll get a second window frame made and stuck in the wall as well. Things are going fast! Today was incredibly productive with the help of nine visitors, making for a total of about eleven folks working all at once on cob stomping and applying. It was hectic to keep up with everyone, but it went smoothly.

Other happenings include getting an electrical switch box installed in the cob, along with a single interior outlet, and one exterior outlet. Thanks to Ted here for rigging up the wiring and getting it set up so that I could cob it in place. (I don’t have plans to install a power system, but I wanted to at least have something in place so there is that option down the road…)

Pictures coming soon.

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